Whiff Out ™ 6 oz jar ashtray deodorizer classic scent


Whiff Out by Whiff Industries revolutionary ashtray deodorizer Classic

Whiff Out by Whiff Industries revolutionary ashtray odor control


Whiff Out by Whiff Industries ashtray deodorizer Classic scent


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Product Description

  • Ultra Fine crystalline deodorant powder which releases a clean, pleasant scent while absorbing the most unpleasant odors.
  • Use Whiff Out either by itself or added to sand in all indoor and outdoor ashtrays and ash receptacles.
  • Generate more curb appeal at your home, office, or place of business by eliminating putrid ashtray smells with the fresh aroma of Whiff Out.
  • Create a luxurious environment no matter the application.
  • Natural yet strong enough for the toughest odors with surface acting scent technology.
  • VOC Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable

       Naturally, remove Offensive Odors!


                                                                                       Eliminate the most offensive odors and create a pleasantly scented environment.

Used In:

Hotels, Homes, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Lounges, Pools, Casinos, Patios, Commercial Properties, Office Spaces, Public Spaces, etc.


 USE ON CARPETS TOO!whiff out banner

whiff out on cars

automotive carpets












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Weight .46 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 in

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