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Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator 2 oz

Take a look at our Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator 2 oz as well as other cigars here at Famous Smoke Shop.

Source: Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator 2 oz

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Whiff Out at Cigarfest 2015 with The Distinguished Ruffians

Whiff Out at Cigarfest 2015 with The Distinguished Ruffians






cigarfest ash can


Come find @DistinguishedRuffian_Aaron at Cigar fest on Friday May 1st. and Saturday May 2nd. He’ll be giving a hand to our buddies over at the Whiff Out booth and passing out samples of their product.

For this event we will be having a giveaway for each day. The giveaway will be for a 5 pack of cigars and a can of Whiff Out deodorizer. The rules are simple, when you are at Cigar Fest track down Aaron from Distinguished Ruffian or Mike from Whiff Industries and snap a photo with one of them. Post the photo to Instagram and tag both @DistinguishedRuffian and @Whiff_industries and you’ll be entered in for a chance to win.






distinguished ruffian


whiff out cigarfest giveaway


@Cigarfest INSTAGRAM Giveaway
Find us with the @distinguishedruffian patch@cigarfest take a picture with the #whiff_out crew @ the Humicareand whiff Out booth must be following all and tag the pictures to the following: @whiff_industries, @distinguishedruffian,& @cigarsinternational

Use #’s
#cigarfest  Multiple entries accepted but must be different pictures with the crew to qualify. There will be one winner per day for the 2 days of cigarfest.
(The prize includes 1 cigars international Big ash ashtray, 3 Rocky Patel Decade sticks, 2 Ligero sticks, and a Large 2lbs can of Whiff Out revolutionary ashtray Deodorizer)




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Whiff Out ® ashtray deodorizer review



A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Michael from Whiff Industries with the opportunity to test out their Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer. At this point the only thing I knew about them was the bit I had seen on Insatgram so I decided to do a little research before the samples arrived and headed over to their website.

I was surprised to find out that they started in Pennsylvania over 50 years ago with the idea of making affordable deodorizers using only natural ingredients. While spending time over the years creating home and industrial deodorizers in the 1990’s they were approached to create a private label carpet powder. Soon they began offering custom scented deodorizing powders, still using the purest natural ingredients followed by the creation of the Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer.

I smoke in my car and in enclosed spaces nearly everyday so when the Whiff Out arrived I was fairly anxious to try it out and see how it would work. To avoid overloading the car I sprinkled just a bit (maybe a teaspoon) of the fine powder on the floor of the drivers and passenger side figuring I could always add more if it wasn’t enough. About an hour later I had to go for a few errands and was surprised that the smell of smoke was no longer in my car. For once it didn’t smell like an ashtray but had a light clean smell to the air that was not just cigarette smell covered by perfume.

Next up was the small room environment. For this I used a little more Whiff Out was used in the ashtray mixed with a bit of sand. The ratio was about ¼ Whiff Out to ¾ sand. It was allowed to sit for a day before smoking in the room again. When I returned the next day there was the same pleasant odor as the car. After smoking a few cigars that evening and returning to the room the next morning I discovered that the smell was gone again.

In these two environments, Whiff Out is a great working product. It has a great smell, is reasonably priced, and doesn’t take up a lot of room for storage in your cabinet. Not to mention it’s made in America, they use recycled packaging on all of their products, use natural materials to produce eco friendly products, and all products are manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy for all electricity uses.




Where To Buy: Coming soon to,,,


Cost: $7.50 – $30.00


Rating: 4.9 out of 5 pints.

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Whiff Industries ISSA INTERCLEAN 2014 Orlando

Visit Whiff Industries ISSA INTERCLEAN 2014 Orlando November 5th-7th

(Distributed by Home Care Products)



ISSA Orlando
ISSA Orlando


2014 Orlando

Home Care Products   Booth #1545

Home Care Products

Whiff Industries Logo


DVC microlined

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Whiff Out™ Cigars & Spirits Ashtray Deodorizer Review

Here is a link to our newest Whiff Out ™   Cigars & Spirits Ashtray Deodorizer Review from David @ Cigars & Spirits:

product wo 2lbs mockup


Removing the smell from your smoking room

Posted by David on October 14, 2014 at 1:15 pm

In Canada it gets cold in winter. Very cold. Some days get as low as -35 degrees Celsius even in Toronto, which is at the southernmost end of the country, while it can be even colder in our other major cities. With a little bit of wind this means frostbite sets in in just 15 minutes.

So where do we smoke?  Not outside!  For me I’ve fully insulated my garage and converted it into my mancave. There’s heat, couches, TV, carpeting, tables – it’s my man cave. And it’s big enough that my car can still fit in there.  The problem? Four guys smoking in that room for 3 hours makes for a smelly room – despite the large exhaust fans I have to pull the air out of the room, and despite the air filter I have inside the room.

When I came across Whiff Industries on Instagram, a product to remove the smell from ashtrays, I decided I’d give it a shot to see how well it worked.

I put about 1/2″ across the bottom of my table top ashtray and got to work smoking, ashing onto the white powdery sand at the bottom. The next day I returned to the room to see the results of my test.  I was surprised to see how much it had actually absorbed.

I tried in in my car’s cupholder ashtray – just a couple of tablespoons worth – and had a cigar on the way home. When I got home I did something I never do – I left the ashes and cigar butt in the ashtray, in the car. Checking in the next morning, while there was still some odor there, as would be expected, it was significantly less than normal. I removed the sand and ashes, added some more powder, and later that day had someone actually compliment me on the smell in the car!

At this point I’ve developed a bit of a system for best results:

I always have some sitting in my ashtray indoors ready for when I smoke.  Afterwards I empty the ashtray, and then re-add some more sand.  The sand absorbs the ash odor while the ashes are in, and absorbs the room odor when not.  It works really well and we’d definitely recommend picking some up if you’re having a problem with odor indoors.

Have questions? Ask us in the comments or email our new friend Michael at

– David


Website and review :




Cigars & spirits

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Whiff Out™ Fine Crystalline Ashtray Deodorizer 20 % off Now on

Whiff Out™ Revolutionary Ashtray Deodorizer 

header slide waterside wo



  • Ultra Fine crystalline deodorant powder which releases a clean, pleasant scent while absorbing the most unpleasant odors.
  • Use Whiff Out either by itself or added to sand in all indoor and outdoor ashtrays and ash receptacles.
  • Generate more curb appeal at your home, office, or place of business by eliminating putrid ashtray smells with the fresh aroma of Whiff Out.
  • Create a luxurious environment no matter the application.
  • Natural yet strong enough for the toughest odors with surface acting scent technology.
  • No VOC content
  • biodegradable
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Flammable
Ashtray Deodorizer
Ashtray Deodorizer


ON SALE NOW @  (whiff out Ashtray Deodorizer)


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Fine Crystalline Transfer Station Odor Control

NEW Fine Crystalline Transfer Station and Solid Waste Management Odor Control

background slide3

Try our biodegradable, natural, sustainable fine crystalline odor control for all solid waste environments


  • Composting Odor Control

  • Food Scrap Odor control

  • Landfill Odor Control 

  • Transfer Station Odor Control

  • Dumpster Odor Control

  • Sludge Hauling

Our product helps DEODORIZE and  NEUTRALIZE solid waste environments that tend to be acidic.

DB Pail 011

Composting and Food Scrap Odor Conrol

Garbage Transfer Station


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Waste Management Odor Control

Lake George
Visit us @ Lake George

Booth #203

The Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations (the Federation) is a multifaceted organization. Included under the Federation’s organizational umbrella are the:

  • NYS Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
  • NYS Association For Solid Waste Management (NYSASWM)
  • NYS Association For Reduction, Reuse & Recycling (NYSAR3)

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NJSSA atlantic city Supply Line Show

Booth # 1017
Booth # 1017


We will be exhibiting at the 2014 njssa Atlantic city Supply Line show Come visit us Booth # 1017


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ISSA INTERCLEAN North America 11/18/2013 – 11/21/2013



robux #339966;”>Come see us at the ISSA interclean show Booth # 3033


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