Whiff Out ® ashtray deodorizer review




A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Michael from Whiff Industries with the opportunity to test out their Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer. At this point the only thing I knew about them was the bit I had seen on Insatgram so I decided to do a little research before the samples arrived and headed over to their website.

I was surprised to find out that they started in Pennsylvania over 50 years ago with the idea of making affordable deodorizers using only natural ingredients. While spending time over the years creating home and industrial deodorizers in the 1990’s they were approached to create a private label carpet powder. Soon they began offering custom scented deodorizing powders, still using the purest natural ingredients followed by the creation of the Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer.

I smoke in my car and in enclosed spaces nearly everyday so when the Whiff Out arrived I was fairly anxious to try it out and see how it would work. To avoid overloading the car I sprinkled just a bit (maybe a teaspoon) of the fine powder on the floor of the drivers and passenger side figuring I could always add more if it wasn’t enough. About an hour later I had to go for a few errands and was surprised that the smell of smoke was no longer in my car. For once it didn’t smell like an ashtray but had a light clean smell to the air that was not just cigarette smell covered by perfume.

Next up was the small room environment. For this I used a little more Whiff Out was used in the ashtray mixed with a bit of sand. The ratio was about ¼ Whiff Out to ¾ sand. It was allowed to sit for a day before smoking in the room again. When I returned the next day there was the same pleasant odor as the car. After smoking a few cigars that evening and returning to the room the next morning I discovered that the smell was gone again.

In these two environments, Whiff Out is a great working product. It has a great smell, is reasonably priced, and doesn’t take up a lot of room for storage in your cabinet. Not to mention it’s made in America, they use recycled packaging on all of their products, use natural materials to produce eco friendly products, and all products are manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy for all electricity uses.


Website: https://whiffindustries.com


Where To Buy: Coming soon to CigarsInternational.com Antabuse without prescription , Cigars.com, pipesandcigars.com,IMG_5805meierdutch.com


Cost: $7.50 – $30.00


Rating: 4.9 out of 5 pints.

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