Whiff Out Spray Deodorizer

Whiff Out Spray Mist- 2 oz Non-Aerosol Surface & Air Deodorizer Classic Scent


  • THE ULTIMATE SMOKE ODOR ELIMINATOR AND ROOM DEODORIZER SPRAY: Never get caught stinky. Eliminate smoke and other malodors on contact and replaces with a clean fresh scent. Whiff Out is a versatile product ranging from an effective boot spray deodorizer, couch spray deodorizer, diaper odor eliminator, cigarette, and biological odor eliminator spray.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Eliminates odors in lounges, home, offices, Cars, Boats- anywhere there is stink! No odor is safe with Whiff Out.
  • SAFE ON FABRICS TOUGH ON ODOR: Spray on couch/chair/furniture upholstery or carpets to freshen. The ultra-fine mist is non-oil based and colorless and can be used on the finest of linen, leathers and vinyl surfaces.
  • U.S.A!: We are proudly manufactured using sustainable production methods, notably wind energy right here in the U.S of A.
  • ON THE GO: Take it with you on a plane, train or an emergency restroom break- don’t leave home WHIFF OUT it.


Whiff Out Total Odor Neutralization System


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