Whiff Out at Cigarfest 2015 with The Distinguished Ruffians

Whiff Out at Cigarfest 2015 with The Distinguished Ruffians






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Come find @DistinguishedRuffian_Aaron at Cigar fest on Friday May 1st. and Saturday May 2nd. He’ll be giving a hand to our buddies over at the Whiff Out booth and passing out samples of their product.

For this event we will be having a giveaway for each day. The giveaway will be for a 5 pack of cigars and a can of Whiff Out deodorizer. The rules are simple, when you are at Cigar Fest track down Aaron from Distinguished Ruffian or Mike from Whiff Industries and snap a photo with one of them. Post the photo to Instagram and tag both @DistinguishedRuffian and @Whiff_industries and you’ll be entered in for a chance to win.






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@Cigarfest INSTAGRAM Giveaway
Find us with the @distinguishedruffian patch@cigarfest take a picture with the #whiff_out crew @ the Humicareand whiff Out booth must be following all and tag the pictures to the following: buy lioresal online @whiff_industries, @distinguishedruffian,& @cigarsinternational

Use #’s
#cigarfest  Multiple entries accepted but must be different pictures with the crew to qualify. There will be one winner per day for the 2 days of cigarfest.
(The prize includes 1 cigars international Big ash ashtray, 3 Rocky Patel Decade sticks, 2 Ligero sticks, and a Large 2lbs can of Whiff Out revolutionary ashtray Deodorizer)




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