Whiff ™ Super Absorbent Compound

Whiff ™ Super Absorbent Compound

Super Absorbant

Product Description:

Use our Super Absorbent for spills around any facility.  Contain oil and toxic fluids from contaminating any other areas outside the spill zone.  Contain and remove biological contaminated fluids to prep for disinfection in healthcare facilities, and Schools

Use Whiff ™ In:

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Emergency Care facilitates for Bodily fluids
  • Dumpsters for liquid absorption
  • Waste management For sludge Transportation
  • Schools use for Bodily Fluids Urine, Vomit, sanitary napkin bins, etc.
  • Waste paper Baskets, Trashcans, and Dumpsters
  • Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Resorts, Casinos Etc.
  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Properties
  • Malls and Public Places
Citrus Scent
Citrus Scent

For sales inquiries

email: sales@whiffindustries.com

Call: 717-825-9359

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