Dumpster Breath ™ Odor control for ALL solid waste management environments

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Industrial Strength Applications for solid waste management environments
    • Natural Ultra Fine Crystalline Deodorant Powder
    • Eradicates malodors from organic or inorganic garbage and waste storage environments
    • Composting and Food Scrap Odor Control
    • Use in trash shoots
    • Use in Garbage compactor rooms
    • Outdoor dumpsters
    • Waste grease pickup container areas
    • Transfer Stations
    • trash Sorting Stations
    • Use in incinerator rooms
    • Recycling return centers
    • Non- Toxic
    • USDA Accepted
    • VOC Free
    • Natural yet strong enough for the toughest odors with surface-acting scent technology.
    • Radiates a pleasant, fresh, clean aroma while absorbing the most atrocious malodors.
    • 6 oz of product a day helps to eliminate residual odors in most refuse containers
    • Deter Racoons, Rodents, and flying insects
Use in

Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Residential Properties, Food Services, Waste Management, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Schools.

Composting and Food Scrap Odor Conrol

Dumpster Breath™ eliminates dumpster malodor


Eliminate Trash Can odors

NYC Subway

Freshen Your Environment

Dumpster Breath by Whiff Industries garbage odor control

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