Rictus whiff out ashtray deodorizer review

Rictus whiff out ashtray deodorizer review

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This product is meant to eliminate all smoke odor while smoking and afterwards. I had been thinking of getting this product for a few months now because I knew the winter months were approaching and it sucks sitting outside in the cold trying to focus and concentrate on the cigars. Giving it a try in the house one day, my wife allowed me to try and review in the sunroom with a window opened and the fan running. Not soon after lighting up and about half inch into the review, I was headed out the door. I completely understand where she is coming from, because I have seen her get a really bad headache many times while attending functions at the family’s house. So yes, I respect her issue with the smoke and I listen to her complaints. Why, you ask, because I love her and want what is best for her and her issues. So, here we are. I purchased this product to try out on my wife’s hound dog nose for tobacco smoke. I swear she can smell the neighbors 4 houses down puffing away and we are acres apart. The Whiff Out arrived and she was like, “what is that?” I explained to her what it was and read her the reviews online. I then opened it up and smelled it. I ran over to her and let her take a good ol’ ” Whiff” (see what I did there) and she really liked the scent it gave out.
Back to her in a few. I read on how to use the product and told her I was going to smoke a cigar in the great room and give this stuff a try. She obliged. The directions I found are quite simple, just place one teaspoon in your ashtray. That is it. Wait! One more thing, DO NOT let your cigar touch the stuff. Really nasty cigar afterwards. It is made up of chemicals and smells like really clean laundry detergent. After doing as instructed, I went to the humidor and picked out nothing special just in case I needed to extinguish it quickly. I let the wife know I was about to commence “Operation Hound Dog”, and I lit up the cigar. She was in the bedroom reading or watching TV, what women do. Y’all know what I mean. It is real quiet and I am just puffing away and enjoying my cigar. About 10 minutes into it and a couple of inches gone, I hear “Kenny!” Uh Oh! hear it comes. “Are you smoking your cigar?” I slid out of my recliner and hit the floor (not literally), but I told her “yes.” She said, “OK.” I am excited now. A little while later, she did say she could smell it, but not  really as strong as without it. I finished my cigar and left it in the ashtray overnight to see how it would go in the morning. We woke up and we could smell just a slight hint of the cigar but nothing to worry about. I poured it out and did my review on a cigar that next night.
I must honestly say that this product is worth every penny and I plan on buying more. I have since smoked more than 5 cigars in my home and my wife has not complained at all about anything, and what is even better, none of the clothes or other rooms smell of cigar smoke. This is an absolute winner in my book. If you have a wife or like mine or a husband, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed. On top of that, your house will smell fresh and clean. Better than all other air cleaners or fresheners and will outlast any of them by a day. So do yourself a favor, and enjoy your cigar indoors and have no worries.

Remember, keep your ash off the floor and the smoke in the air.

Thanks, Kenny.

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