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Every once in a while there comes a product that can change the way a cigar smoker enjoys their passion. Today I am writing about the products offered by Whiff Industries. They currently make two versions of what they call Whiff Out. The initial version was a fine granular power that is to be used in ash trays to combat the odor of the remains left
in the ash tray. The second is a spray mist that does the same thing but is designed to be used in vehicles and other situations. I came by the samples from Michael Howard of Whiff Industries after he reached out to me on social media.

As far as the powder version of Whiff Out it does what it says it will do by killing the odor left in ashtrays. I tried this a few times on my home ashtray, after putting a small amount of the product in the bottom of the ashtray and then adding in about a week’s worth of the nubs and the ash in the tray. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was almost no odor emanating from the ashtray after the cigars had gone out. This version of the product could be a huge help to many cigar lounges that don’t have the staff or time to regularly empty the many ashtrays always around.

The spray mist version of the product could revolutionize the way many cigar smokers enjoy cigars on a long drive or commute to work. I didn’t have much faith that the spray mist would knock out the odor left in the car after a week of cigar smoking. To test I smoked several cigars in my car and left it that way for a week. At the end of the week I spayed the inside of the car down and let it sit overnight. The next morning there was no evidence that cigars had ever been smoked in the car. I can say hands down that this product works and does exactly what it says it will do. For the cigar smoker that shares a car with a spouse or doesn’t want the lingering odor to stay in the car this is a must have.

Rating 5/5

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