Fat Ash Magazine Review Of Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer

Fat Ash Magazine Review Of Whiff Out

Product Review: Fat Ash Magazine Review Of Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer



 For over 50 years Whiff Industries has been providing products to freshen the air around us. They have commited to bring out the best products, to produce eco-conscious products, and they are 100% American made and American manufactured.

Whiff Industries produces Whiff Out Ashtray Deodorizer. Whiff Out is an ultra fine granulated powder designed to freshen-up odors caused by smoking. We have heard that Whiff Out is one of the best smoke deodorizers on the market, so we have decided to try it in everyday situations and see for ourselves.


The Product:

Name: Whiff Out

Origin: U.S. made and U.S. manufactured

Price: 10.00 (6 oz jar), $30.00 (2 lbs. can)

Value: Excellent

Overall Opinion: 9/10


The Review:



I decided to take a road-trip and escape normal life for the weekend. Like any trip that I take, I bring my favorite cigars to keep me company. I also decided to bring Whiff Out to see how well it would stand up to a smoke-filled car. Nothing will test the durability of a deodorizer better than an airtight vehicle filled with cigar smoke.

During the trip, I decided it was time for a smoke. I put a small amount (about 1 tsp) of Whiff Out into my ashtray, and lit my cigar. I was surprised at how much of the smoke smell was taken away by Whiff Out. The Whiff Out powder gave off a pleasant aroma without overpowering the air. It seemed to make the unpleasant amonia odor of the cigar disappear. Whiff Out was working great for my trip.

I finally arrived at my hotel and was done with the long part of my road-trip. I did not want to come back at a later time to find a car that smelled of stale cigars, so I thought I would see if Whiff Out could fix the problem. I sprinkled a small amount of Whiff Out under each of the front seats on to the carpet.

I arrived back at my vehicle about 10 hours later to find a fresh smelling car. The Whiff Out created a fresh scent. It was not overpowering, and it did not leave any traces of a cigar smell. I believe Whiff Out is great for making vehicles smell fresh.


Cigar Shop:


Cigar Shops and lounges experience a high volume of smoke. Customers and patrons walk in, buy a few smokes, and they sometimes stay to socialize. Smoke eaters work diligently to remove the smoke in the air, but what happens to the stale smoke that doesn’t reach the smoke eater? Well, we decided to try Whiff Out and see how fresh it could make our local lounge.

Whiff Out was put into ashtrays throughout the smoke lounge. Almost immediately the fresh smell of the Whiff Out was present. Four cigars were being enjoyed in the lounge, and the smoke odor began to dissipate. After fifteen minutes, the strong ammonia smell from the cigars was nearly absent and the freshness of the Whiff Out was present.

We left the Whiff Out deodorizer in the lounge overnight. A small amount (1 tsp) was placed into each ashtray, and a small portion (about 1 oz) was sprinkled onto the carpet. In the morning, the smell of freshness was present, and there was no evidence of cigar smoke. Whiff Out seems to work very well in a cigar lounge setting.




I do not normally smoke in my home, but I decided to light one up since Whiff Out has worked so well thus far. I placed a small amount (1 tsp) of the Whiff Out powder into my ashtray, and I began enjoying my evening smoke. Just like in the cigar lounge the Whiff Out overtook the smell of the cigar, and my house remained fresh.

As I finished the cigar, the aroma of Whiff Out was still present. The smell of the cigar was almost absent, and the room still smelled relatively fresh. I decided to use a small amount (about 1/2 oz) on the carpet as I cleaned up behind my evening smoke.

About 30 minutes later, I could not detect any sign of indoor smoking in my home.



Pros: Smells like fresh laundry. Gets rid of the ammonia aroma from cigars and the stale smoke smell.

Cons: Do not let your cigar touch the powder in the ashtray. The cigar will absorb the Whiff Out smell and taste like fresh laundry.

I do not usually use deodorizers, but Whiff Out proved to be a great product. It freshens up the air without giving off a strong masking scent. I would definitely use Whiff Out as a daily product. I love the way Whiff Out refreshes the air after I enjoy a smoke. This is one product I am going to add into my daily cigar routine.


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