iRobusto Whiff Out Odor Eliminating Spray

iRobusto Whiff Out odor eliminating spray



Product Review | Whiff Out Odor Eliminator Spray

The Whiff Industries Whiff Out Odor Eliminator Spray is a deodorizing spray made by the same fine folks who bring us the Whiff Out powder found taming stinky ashtrays everywhere. The spray is designed to be used on clothing, upholstery, and really any other cloth, leather, etc. It can also be sprayed directly into the air. The scent is essentially the same as its powder counterpart, but this time, it takes this fresh laundry aroma out of the ashtray and into the real world.

Whiff Out Odor Eliminator Spray

I tested Whiff Out Spray for almost two weeks. I mainly used it on my clothing and in my enclosed porch which doubles as my smoking room, although, my CutWifeSmoke would lead you to believe otherwise. To say this stuff works is an understatement. The first time I tried it out, I underestimated its potency and doused my jacket with six or seven sprays after smoking a cigar. I’ve smelled like a dryer sheet ever since. In all seriousness, all it takes is a few sprays of this wonderful concoction after a nice smoke, and you can go back to daily life without dirty looks from passersby. It does work as an air freshener, but I found it most effective when sprayed directly onto fabrics. This would be an excellent companion for anyone who smokes in a vehicle.

After thoroughly putting this spray to the test, I can say I highly recommend it and will become a regular customer once it hits the market. As of the publishing of this review, it has not been released for sale. I do not know the pricing at this time, either, but I expect it to be reasonable judging by the cost of the Whiff Out powder. Keep your eyes peeled, as this will be a staple for any cigar smoker.

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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