Ultra Pure ® Industrial strength carpet deodorizer etc.


background slide4Unique qualities about the Product

  • Ultra Fine crystalline deodorant powder which releases a clean and pleasant scent while absorbing the most unpleasant odors.
  • generic Lasix Non water soluble Baking soda and Corn starch Free.  Will not cake up or clump when exposed to wet applications.
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  • Reduces Static Electricity
  • VOC Free
  • USDA Accepted

Different applications

  • Hotels and motels sprinkle on carpets after daily cleaning vacuum up or leave for a day.
  • Use as carpet deodorizer and anti-static product to reduce shocks and odors while helping your vacuum cleaner work more efficiently by helping to prevent dirt from clinging to the carpet fibers.
  • Sprinkle in garbage cans and small dumpsters to kill odors and upgrade your curb appeal.
  • Freshens upholstery Inside and out, even cars, trucks and vans.
  • Building Incinerator, sump pump and boiler rooms,
  • Mix with sand in ash trays for added curb appeal.
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  • Sprinkle in Litter Boxes

Total facility odor removal

Use in Trash cans
Use in Trash cans


Product Label
Product Label


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