Dumpster Odor Control

Industrial Strength Applications for solid waste management environments

Ultra Fine Deodorant Powder
Eradicates malodors from organic or inorganic garbage and waste storage environments
Composting and Food Scrap odor Control
Use in trash shoots
Use in Garbage compactor rooms
Outdoor dumpsters
Waste grease pickup container areas
Transfer Stations
trash Sorting Stations
Use in incinerator rooms
Recycling return centers
Non- Toxic
USDA Accepted
VOC Free
Natural yet strong enough for the toughest odors with surface acting scent technology.
Radiates a pleasant, fresh, clean aroma while absorbing the most atrocious malodors.
6 oz of product a day helps to eliminate residual odors in most refuse containers
Use in

Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Residential Properties, Food Services, Waste Management, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools.

  • Dumpster Breath ™ 45 LBS 5 Gallon Pail

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